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3 Effective Ways to Strengthen Your Core Using a Stability Ball

Knee up - Core Strengthening
Core strength is a foundational component of human performance. A strong core help's stabilize and protect your body's spine and vital organs as you perform daily tasks. Without a strong core, your body is more likely to move, hang, or flex into positions that create problems. Try implementing these 3 exercises to improve your core strength.

Fitness Toolbox: Foam Rollers Aid in Relief, Recovery

Foam Rollers - Salinas Physical Therapy, Yorba Linda, California

Walk into most fitness stores, athletic retailers or gyms, and you’ll see them selling different versions of colorful, cylindrical items of various sizes and thicknesses, all covered in firm, textured foam. The items are called foam rollers, and according to…

5 Fitness Tips to Keep Introverts Moving

Finding a workout routine that fits your personality is one of the key ways to achieve optimal results, says Yorba Linda physical therapist Ruben Salinas. And, that holds particularly true for introverts – those who may be uneasy about joining…

Combat holiday stress with exercise

When a demanding holiday season leaves you twisted in knots from the stresses of commitments, crowds, shopping and entertaining, mounds of research point to a simple solution to such anxiety: sweat away that stress by making exercise a part of your holiday…