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Sport Specific Approaches

Whether you are an elite athlete, weekend warrior, or anyone in between, our team can help you find the solution to virtually any kind of sports-related injury and get you back in the game faster and better than before.

Some sports injuries are the result of direct trauma others from overuse. After many miles or hours participating in a sport, an athlete may develop tendon, ligament and joint pain. Evaluating injured tissue is just the beginning of your rehabilitation at SALINAS. Our staff of therapists,  and board-certified specialists are experienced at finding the cause of your pain. 

Video Analysis

We often use video motion capture technology in our assessments to analyze movement to look for potential risk factors for injury. Pitching mechanics, golf swings, and running can all be analyzed to look for potential injury causes.

Our therapists also conduct a needs analysis to outline the specific needs of your sport. Some athletes require strength and power, and others need muscular endurance and cardiovascular fitness. We use the same training methods professional athletes use to help you recover safely. This method is called “Periodization” which we have adapted to rehabilitation.

Scientific Approach to Training

Periodization training is useful because it takes advantage of your body’s vast potential for adaptation. Periodization training breaks the program into phases where fitness and, in the case of an injury, healing is guided in a scientifically logical sequence. We structure the periods to mimic the phases of healing (inflammation, proliferation, and maturation) so that we allow your injured tissue to heal and remodel. What sets us apart is that after the injury heals and traditional therapy ends, we design functional progression drills as soon as the athlete is ready.

Return to Sport training

Safe return to your sport takes careful planning. A functional progression is a series of basic sport-specific movement patterns graduated according to the difficulty of the skill and athlete’s tolerance. The exercise progression for a basketball player will be much different than a baseball player. Many of our staff are athletes and understand the demands of various sports. The end goal of functional progression is an athlete’s timely and safe return to competition.

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My patients have been extremely happy with their care at Salinas Physical Therapy. I often receive unsolicited positive feedback from patients regarding their therapy experience. I routinely refer patients to Ruben and his team for many diagnoses and conditions, from strains and sprains, to post-surgical rehabilitation for complex bone and soft tissue reconstruction procedures. They are able to provide a comprehensive and personalized therapy program for each patient. I often have patients asking for Salinas PT by name, because of their excellent reputation in our community. My patients often tell me that what sets Salinas PT apart from many other practices is the amount of time they spend with their therapist, and the personalized approach they have. As a board-certified orthopedic surgeon, I am glad to have Salinas PT in my community to enhance the care and treatment of my patients.

Bob Yin, M.D., Orthopedic Surgeon

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