Live Your Life Without Limits

Pushing the Boundaries of Traditional Physical Therapy

Living with pain should not be an option.

Without the knowledge of how to manage painful conditions, your body may compensate leading to costly problems down the road. Our team has helped thousands of people recover from pain and get back to the things they love doing most.

Our Process

Reduce Pain

Pain inhibits function. Acute pain is a warning signal but chronic pain can be more complex. We will teach you the difference.

Restore Mobility

Over time, our bodies can develop tight muscles, stiff joints, and weakness. Our proven hands-on approach is designed to address common adaptations and restore optimal function.

Optimize Movement

We don’t just treat your injury. Our team of experts will evaluate how your body moves, and design corrective exercises to enhance your performance.

Enhance Performance

We focus on all aspects of performance by designing customized exercise programs to reduce the risk of injury and perform with confidence.

The Salinas Difference

Since 2004 Salinas Physical Therapy / Sports Medicine has become one of the most trusted resources for orthopedic and sports physical therapy in our region. Using the latest technology and evidence-based treatment methods, we design effective plans that reduce pain, restore function, and help you live a life without limits.

Sports Injuries

Sports Injuries

Whether you’re a world-class athlete, weekend warrior, or anyone in-between, we provide
solutions to virtually any sports-related injury.

Comprehensive Spine Care

We take a comprehensive approach to spine rehab by developing customized treatment plans that address the underlying cause.

Pre & Post-Surgical Care

Our rehab begins with a clear understanding of the procedure, and the precautions needed for safe healing to occur.

Performance Training

We design scientific-based
training programs to maximize your athletic potential and optimize performance.

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