Our Approach to Your Wellness

Over 30 years of clinical experience.

Reducing Pain

We know that pain is produced by the brain 100% of the time. This includes all pain, no matter how mild, sharp, or dull, it feels. Pain that you have had for a few weeks or a couple of months is called acute pain. This pain is usually caused by tissue damage such as a sprained ankle or broken bone. The pain typically improves with rest and sometimes requires immobilization with a brace. As the tissue heals, the pain begins to improve over time.

Pain that has been present for three months or more is often called persistent or chronic pain. In this type of pain, tissue damage is not the main issue. Most tissue damage to the body is healed as well as it can in 3-6 months. So ongoing pain produced by the brain is less about structural damage and more about the nervous system’s sensitivity.

Our therapists are experts at managing both acute and chronic pain. During the initial treatment phase, we use a hands-on approach to minimize aggravating the injured tissue while incorporating modalities such as ice, heat, ultrasound, and electrical stimulation to modulate pain. As adequate healing occurs, you will learn the proper steps to guide the healing process and protect the healing tissue.

Comprehensive Spine Care

Restoring Mobility

Pain and swelling occur when the body is injured and movement is compromised. This is your body’s natural defense mechanism to protect the injured tissue. After surgery, weight bearing is often restricted, and injured limbs are often immobilized to protect the damaged tissue. While the immobilization allows the tissue to continue healing, this immobilization often results in your joints becoming stiff and losing range of motion in the injured area.

Our team of experts has over 30 years of experience in restoring mobility and understands the science of healing to guide your recovery. Our hands-on approach allows us to provide passive motion and specific joint and soft tissue mobilization techniques to aid healing. We have a clear understanding of surgical repairs and refined protocols that allow for safe, adequate tissue healing to occur.

Optimizing Movement

Once the pain and swelling have resolved and joint mobility has been restored, the challenge lies in recovering normal movement. After a leg injury or surgery, it is common for the body to alter or compensate for how it moves. Limping and protecting the leg from pain or weakness can lead to compensation. Left untreated, faulty movement patterns and other problems can develop above or below the injured site.

Our therapists take a full-body approach to addressing your condition and are experts at identifying faulty movement patterns. Once the injured tissues have healed, we will prescribe exercise programs to correct your form. Our exercise programs and progression are designed to optimize your movement and restore normal strength. We will teach you the biomechanics of landing, cutting, and lower quarter biomechanics to safely return to sport and avoid future injuries.

Enhancing Performance

This is an area that sets our practice apart from other therapy centers. We pride ourselves as the group that “bridges the gap between rehab and performance.” Once we have eliminated your pain, restored your mobility, and optimized your movement, it is time to enhance your body’s performance. We are not satisfied with just getting you back to baseline functionality; we want to optimize and enhance your body’s capability to perform.

Our bodies are amazing structures. The musculoskeletal system is finely tuned and capable of amazing feats. Some of the best athletes in the world can throw a baseball at over 100mph, hit a golf ball 300+ yards, and hit a tennis serve at 135 mph.

We are certified and well-versed in the science of strength & conditioning. The training principles and models we use are the same for professional athletes. We are dedicated to helping you live the active lifestyle you want and will go the extra mile to get you back to your desired sport. Our approaches to enhancing agility, speed, power, and quickness will take your game to the next level.

Get Back To Doing The Things You Love Most.